A downloadable game for Windows

Hark! CLOWNS have invaded your home of BUGGERWORLD! You must pilgrim across the many WORLDS to defeat these enemy CLOWN insurgents and bring peace back to your domain!

(Game is finished, but may still have visual errors and the like that will be fixed with iterations, including the addition of a new soundtrack!)

Average playthrough is 2 hours long.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, anarchy, binary-art, clowns, Robots, RPG Maker, Short, Singleplayer, Turn-based, weird



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Very good game, I LOVE religious dogs and sentient bullets!

As a lover of weird RPG maker games, this religious rabid dog is my new best friend.


This game was incredible.

i realized i only rated but did not, infact, leave a comment. this was an absolute blast to experience with my friends as we all dubbed the characters ourselves. a delightfully silly time filled with delicious vengeance. good game.

this was such a good game!! very underrated

i have fallen in love with this game in the first 30 minutes thank you based ciba i love you

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The dog acts either like he's confronting a demon (e.g. (for example) rebuking it) or like he's a condemning Christian (they, Christians, shouldn't be condemning people, but rather loving others and having compassion on the (at this point, I'm not talking about the game))

I'm having trouble downloading this, does this need something to run? my pc says something is missing.

apologies if I sound like I'm complaiining, I just really want to play this.


Give this one a go, its a slightly older version but nothing should be missing!

thank you! :D

i loved this game, it was super fun! thank you for this :)


Whats new in 1.6?


Just a few grammar and spelling errors I forgot to get around to, don't worry though I'm working on another new project!


I can't really add anything else that hasn't already been said. This is a shining example of a great rpgmaker game, and the finale of the game was incredibly satisfying. Amazing job! 

Buggerworld is an absolute blast!
Super funny and well written!
Is there any Intentions on a Steam release or another game?

We'll see what the future holds friend!

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In the words of many of the folks below,

had a blast.


THIS GAME IS REALLY GOOD. i had a blast playing it. I even played it on mobile on the go. Thank u so much for making something like this free (:

this game os the single best rpg maker game i've played, like really, good job mate.
i hope that there'll be a sequel tho.

Played it on my Stream and i had a Blast.

from the writing to the artstyle and especially the music.

this is some good stuff Cib!


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I really liked this game, but for whatever reason the screen would freeze in the middle of fights.

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I'm sorry to hear that :( you may just need to play it on a different computer or platform friend as even I have no idea why it crashes more than half the time for people.

Are you planning on uploading the OST anywhere by any chance?


You can listen to most of the music used here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxXzrEs1q3c&list=PL6wFp1CClQzxD49KOEzu5IevZpn3Rf...

When a new OST is written it will be uploaded somewhere, in the meantime you can puruse all the audio/music files in the game files at any time!

Oh. I had no idea this game's soundtrack wasn't it's own lol

thank you for the response though, I like the game so far

Hello. I like the chosen colors in the game and the main character. Can I translate this game into Russian?

Certainly! I have a packed up version i can give to you to translate if youd like, otherwise add me on discord and we can talk more about it: Ciboopi#4625

Sure. I already sent a friend request to you there. And thank you for letting me translate your game.

I want you to translate my remake into Russian. It's Misfortune.gb Enhanced Edition.

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Sure. But since I had busy days at work, I was slowly translating the previous game. As soon as I'm done with it, I can start translating yours.

https://moonwriter-theory.itch.io/misfortunegb-mv-enhanced-edition Here


Which version of RPG MAKER did you used to make this?
Simple yet great to enjoy, might wanna replay it again for a stream!

I used RPG Maker MV! thank you for playing, if you stream make sure you upload it for me to watch!

OH thank you so much, I use RPG Maker XP instead for one of my rpgs but I will look into it since I would like to make something like that of a similiar quality. Thanks a bunch for the great time with this game nwn

I started on XP myself but switched to MV when I realised I couldn't increase the window resolution with XP, Plugins are also a lot more adaptable in MV!

created a account and downloaded winrar for this game.
the art style is too good. as a RPGmaker game... i think it's as high quality as IB in both storytelling and in art style.
the game is rather short (took me around 2 hour's) and i loved every bit of it

20000/10. deserves a sequel. or something in the same universe.


I don't usually make comments but this game was so bizzare and wonderful, and the artstyle is on point too! I'm definitely watching out for more games from this dev 


Loved it, fantastic art and a wonderful main character.


Hello! I found this game through the vigglio vine man. It is a great time. I enjoy the dog. I do wish that there was a place to listen to the soundtrack.

Also, in the Holy Gounds area, is the music a pitch-shifted version of the Hero's guild music from Fable? Answer me with haste or else. Thank you!


yes its a pitch shifted version of Guild by Russell Shaw!

and here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxXzrEs1q3c&list=PL6wFp1CClQzxD49KOEzu5IevZpn3RfaST&index=2&t=0s

otherwise you can easily listen to the music files in the game file folder, enjoy and thank youf or playing!

Gwoagh! Fantastic! Thank you. I hope to see more from you in the future.

Wow. What a wild ride that was. Amazing sound design, intense and fun combat, and great spritework. It was a thrill to play from beginning to end. 10/10. 

I just finished this game, and I must say I loved it. Thanks for bringing this masterpiece! And i'm glad someone else used Nero's Day At Disneyland music, really awesome. LOVED THE CHARACTERS AS WELL! They were pretty original, the gang were my favorite as well :)

All though this game could look like a goofy mess, i actualy found it very compeling at moments and hilarious at others, it manages to have a cohesive story bellow all the wierd random XD humor and i started to actually care about the caracters by the end

I give this game a broken mariage out of ten

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This game was a lot of fun to play through!. loved the characters, artstyle, story, soundtrack, everything. Very nice work!.

A crusade of the ages

Hey, found this by the way of the Vinesauce! I have only a Mac rn, but when I get a PC I'll definitely play this! I appreciate weird things such as this!

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Like many of the recent downloads i found this through Vinesauce and i immediately wanted to play this game and it's great, i love the art style the crazy but interesting world and the tiny details like the battle animations. This game oozes love and i would love to see more from you if you ever make more games.


welp, found this through vinny, that was an experience

probably my new favorite rpgmaker game of all time, the writing is absolutely amazing

i rate it dog/10


Vinny Vinesauce showed this game on stream! He didn't play through it all so I'm excited to see the rest of it myself.

Downloaded. Looks hella crazy and fun.

The music in this is banging! This was a thoroughly enjoyable game with fun and creative characters.

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Hey dude this is one crazy game you have made here xD I have made a little play through video of it on youtube if you want to check it out sometime.



Bahaha, thank you for the wonderful video! I'm glad you had fun, fantastic accent btw! thank you for playing!!

This game needs so much more love!


From the writing, the dialogue, the graphics, to animations, and game design and sound design choices, this game is purely genius!

I had SO much fun playing this!


the world needs more games like BUGGERWORLD

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